Jedeye Rose

by | Sep 7, 2022

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Artist Name: Jedeye Rose

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edeye Rose is a HipHop Artist based out of NY to PA

For business send an email to: [email inodzivirirwa]

Snapchat: jedeyerose
Instagram: jedeyerose
Twitter: JedEyeRose
Tiktok: Jedeyerose

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"SKYBOX 22" is an album concepted and written by Jedeye Rose himself.

Skybox is a huge play on a 26-Day stay at Pocono Raceway where he and the likes of JohnnyRox & BucketHatZack stayed in order to work a huge landscaping jobsite for all of the amazing folks who both own and host "Elements Festival".

Detailing ups, downs, and all of the great times and funny banter between staff members during the process!

*Note From Joe* –
I'm blessed to have had such an awesome experience, and I'm even more blessed at the fact that we were able to fit a whole studio into the skybox and create an album in just under a month LOL! Thank you to everyone who was apart, and shoutout to Brad!


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Song Title: SKYBOX 22'

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